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WADF Heavy Duty Series Press Brake

General Features

ADH Machinery is leading the way in Press Brake technology. The Diamond series is the premier product in our press brake line up. It features the new MOS control with enhanced industry-leading functionality, but it’s much more than just a new controller. Our engineers have paid close attention to how to integrate the best electronics to enhance the bending experience. Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in industrial electronic controls and components. Part of our mission is to provide the best products and service with unsurpassed quality and reliability.

  • CNC press brakes featuring an advanced design with high speed, high accuracy and excellent rigidity
  • Hydraulic Press Brake Crowning System is standard on all models
  • An Electro-hydraulic full loop servo system controls the synchronization of the ram
  • Dual gibbed ram structure with a self–lubrication system guarantees precise operation
  • CNC Hydraulic crowning system with a 3 piece bed design and c-frame throat deformation compensation system ensure precision bends
  • Cylinders are attached to ram with spherical floating supports and the piston and rod is equipped with a unique guiding system to assist during unbalanced loading
  • Backgauge components include: digital AC servo motors with precision bell screws and linear guide
  • Fiessler Laser Curtain
  • Interlocked Side and Rear Safety Gates
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• Y1, Y2, X, R Axis
• Europen type punch holder
• Europen type die holder
• 19″ Esa 660 W touch screen 3D control unit
• Automatic crowning
• Deeper throat depths
• Higher stroke and longer daylight (350 mm)
• Hoerbiger or Rexroth hydraulic system
• Foot pedal with emergency stop button
• Linear guided front support arms
• Side and back safety gates


  • Front light curtain
  • Rear light curtain
  • Front laser protection
  • Dual inverter
  • Air cooling system
  • Customization based on practical use
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Heavy-duty Press Brake

For making heavy-duty press brake, we rank top 5 in China.

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